Crash Printing Bank Forms

Any tips for crash printing logos on bank forms? I am fixing to attempt a run of 2000 forms on a 10x15 C&P. I have run them on a miehle, but I haven’t tried it like this before. I have read that some folks have hand fed much larger runs, so I am assuming it can be done.


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I used to do a lot of this kind of work for my dad It was no different than other printing once you got the packing right for impression. Very hard packing (Mylar) will give the best “crash” on multipart forms. We used magnesium dies for logos and other art and Linotype for text. That kind of work will beat up your type after a while. The press was a 10x15 motorized hand-fed C&P. Some of the runs were in the tens of thousands, which made for very boring and long days, but pretty good money.

Thanks Jim, I’ll try stiffer packing. I top out at about 500 impressions per hour. I can’t imagine doing a run of tens of thousands!

I’ve run 7 part forms carbon interleaved on a windmill-very slowly with the thin sheet device on. Pressboard with a sheet of film on top, right below the tympan sheet. Good results and the hard packing will make the type & cuts last longer. I stopped using magnesium long ago, copper lasts longer.