Anyone out there who’s got a manual for the Vicobold and is willing to send a copy or a PDF of it? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Thomas,

Despite your ignoring me while recently in Amsterdam, I’m prepared to send you a number of relevant files offline!

Anyone else needing Autovic and Victoria manuals please feel free to contact me.

Dan T-J

Had I known that you were in Amsterdam, I would have arranged to meet up with you, Dan! But, while you were enjoying the sights of the city, I was away in Darmstadt, working with Rainer Gerstenberg on the KuCo machine… 38°C outside, working next to the machine that was heated up to 380°C. But a brilliant experience it was! Have you got my mail address?

Go to
and download the file VICBOOK1.PDF
Not specifically Vicobold, but good general information.

Thank you for your input, I found and received useful information!