Kluge Apprentice

We are looking for Kluge/Letterpress apprentice to join our shop. If you are interested in print and learning how to operate a Kluge we would love to meet you. This apprenticeship could transition in to a full-time operator job with increased pay.

About Us
For over 30 years our company, Paula Skene Designs, has designed and printed a line of high-end foil stamped and embossed greeting cards. Our cards are sold in stores across the world.

Our shop & studio are located in Emeryville, CA in a really nice building - high ceilings, lots of light and plenty of space make it a great space to work. We have 3 Kluges and 1 Polar EMC paper cutter.

We print all of our cards in house and many of our cards feature multiple foil passes in tight registration and deep embossing.

As an apprentice, you would initially assist in getting jobs ready to run. This would include pulling dies, pulling foils, cutting stock etc. This would progress to watching runs while in progress… checking for foil coverage, registration, re-filling the press with paper, changing foil as needed…etc. From here we would teach you to make ready a foil stamp and then to do an emboss make ready.

Our primary pressman has decades of experience and is a great teacher who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

The ideal candidate is interested in transitioning from an apprentice in to a full-time Kluge press operator.

Please email a resume or note about your experience and interest.

Questions: Feel free to call us at 510.654.3510

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