Vintage Pearl Press #11 “New & Improved Model”

For Sale VINTAGE PEARL (GOLDING JOBBER) PRESS #11 “New & Improved Model”

$3600 (Plus $675 worth of Free Accessories)

(Rare and one of THE very last presses ever made in its class!)

Press Includes:
Vintage Pearl ( Golding Jobber)Press #11 “New & Improved Model” w/ attachable Ink Well. Serial # 2304
Chase & Box Car Base
Wood Furniture &Church Key
3 Rubber Press Rollers
3 types of Registration Pins
Paper Board Shims & Tempen Paper
20 Rubber & Oil Based Inks “in Tubes!”
Ink Spreaders & Ink Brayer
Ink Wash & Oil Can
Ink shop Rags
Press Moving Board

Sold to me from Joe Fazio, Letterpress Operator & Machine Fabricator ([email protected]) and professionally adjusted by “Mark Barbour” Master Printer & Curator of the International Printing Museum in Carson CA. ([email protected])

This press is in Great condition and has all the accessories really makes it a deal for someone to start printing immediately!

Alex Vetangle (310-570-3323)

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