Chandler & Price 10x15 Craftsman (Feeder, powered)

For sale in Cincinnati, Ohio / midwest -

Chandler & Price 10x15 Craftsman
Manufactured 1956
It is an automatic model, but I hand-feed it…I have what I believe to be most of the automatic feed parts.

Rollers are pretty new — re-done by Advanced Roller Co. in CA in September 2013 and barely used after that.

Serial Number SDC219
Craftsman Side Delivery 10x15 1956 (1954-1965)
11 ¼ x 18 ⅛ platen press size

Purchased from Persimmon Press in Dayton, Ohio in April 2013 whose pressman started working on it when he was 20; his boss was the original owner.

Comes with:
- several chases
- a ton of quoins
- counting mechanism installed
- 2 like-new / barely used rollers
- numerous additional rollers that can be used for cores
- parts for auto feeder
- parts for an inking fountain
- 220V speed control / power feed

Very good working order. We cleaned it up well when we bought it. It is very powerful. I wish I could keep it, but my husband wants the space in the garage back, and I barely use it.

Buyer must arrange and pay for pick-up, but I am happy to refer you to the company that moved it into my home. It is in a ground-level garage with a 2” bump from driveway to garage.

Asking $1600 OBO. Will accept credit cards, Venmo, PayPal, money order, Apple Pay, or cash.

More photos available upon request. You can see video if it working at


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