Little Giant on ebay

It looks like a Model 5 Little Giant. At that price it would be a bargain. With some elbow grease, it could be a good auto-feed alternative to a small Vandercook.

I have a Model 6 and love it. I have run Model 4 and 5 presses as well, over the years.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Agree with John, it appears to be a Model 5. The weight is much more than 1500 lbs, more like 2700+ lbs.

I suggest a potential buyer make sure the (3) geared metal vibrator/rider rollers are included in the sale. The press is inoperable for printing without them. At a minimum, 2 rider rollers are needed unless all the form rollers are used, then 3 are required.

Of the models 4, 5 and 6, the model 5 is probably the least desirable (wartime production).

My shop has a Little Giant Model 6. Early in my print career, I operated a Model 4 for a few years at an ad agency’s shop.