1907 Typographical Union Convention in Hot Springs, AK

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I am trying to track down the convention souvenir book that was created for the 1907 convention of the International Typographical Union held at Hot Springs Arkansas. It is described in the Inland printer and credited to the job department of the Sentinel Record but no actual title is given. I’ve tried tracking it down in libraries and archives but without accurate bibliographical information my search has proven fruitless.

I am particularly interested in an article it reportedly contains: “Yesterdays with Slug Nine,” by Robert J. Burdette.

Any clues or insights would be greatly appreciated. The inland printer description can be found at https://books.google.com/books?id=5gchAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA80

Thank you.

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T.H.G. Just seen Your post on B.P. re 1907 Typographical Union Convention.

Author. - Here U.K. Aug, 1954 secured an Indentured apprenticeship in a Union Shop. Automatically signed up as an apprentice to what was then The Typographical Association (T. A.) which eventually became The National Graphical Association (N.G.A.) England!

Looked up references to both, on the Web and ended up with extensive references to (A.P.H.A.) American Printing History Association.

Looks like an amazing bibliography and time line for All things letterpress, Publications. Stateside.

Apologies if the source has already been accessed.

Happy New Year & Good Luck. Mick -

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To Follow up on this for those who are interested in this topic. I found an entry in the finding aid for the Bay Area Typographical Union. Local 21 (San Francisco, Calif.) that looks very promising.

“Box 24, Folder 3
53rd Annual Convention Book: Hot Springs, Arkansas 1907”


Next time I’m able to spend any time in the Bay Area I’ll be making a pilgrimage to San Francisco State University and seeing if I can access (and hopefully photograph) this resource to share.