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This may not be new - but the retirement of Bill Riess at Quaker City Type what do we have available for new Type? With Bill’s Monotype we could fill our cases with low cost short-run Type Styles. That was always cool. Of course we have the Thompson Casters on line - but at ten times the cost of a Monotype. Any comments here?

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He can help this good printer in this attached art.

image: 49091448_10155827948376891_4109942162177654784_n.jpg


In addition to the Bixlers, there is also Swamp Press: https://www.swamppress.com, M&H type: http://www.arionpress.com/mandh/catalog.htm and Skyline type: https://skylinetype.com. All of these folks make good, solid type. There are others, I’m sure.

Don’t forget Bob Magill and the Monumental Press and Foundry which recently acquired Dave Churchman’s Sterling Type Foundry. It is listed elsewhere on this web site. I do not think he has a web site for the foundry.
He is located in Union, Missouri.

Thank you all very much. Please forget what I said about “ten times the cost” - the machines that cast type don’t come cheap and I’m sure the maintainance and the endless search for spare parts adds to the cost.

Surely the right question is to ask what happened to the Quaker City matrices? He had some smashing stuff, whiich from the UK I never could afford.

There is also Patrick Reagh who does nice work:


I think he usually sells his type on eBay, but he also filled a request from me. I needed a fair bit of 12pt Modern Antique #26 (mono) and he cast it for me, and put more of it up on eBay.