If I see one more person recommend using packing tape to tape platen press rails….
It’s in the name PACKING Tape i.e. to be used for packing…

NOW get a roll of aluminum tape which is dimensional and carefully cut widths to fit your rails with enough to burnish over the edges. Use your lollipop or a plate to check roller height and add aluminum tape to both sides until you hit the sweet spot. After laying each layer burnish it down good with the top of your fingernail and don’t forget to clean the rails with naptha or acetone before beginning…
Spend some time and do it carefully and you only have to do it once ! I don’t care what anyone says regular tape compresses over time and takes as long to apply as the Aluminum Tape. The aluminum tape I have is .0045 thick so once the adhesive compresses its probably .004…..
Nuff said best regards

Oh yeah you can also use a little to shim a chase on the bottom to remove wear/play where the chase fits the press..
Also it looks professional…..

image: taped rails.jpg

taped rails.jpg

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With respect !
Some 30/40/50 Yrs ago We had and still have, working press,s that employed leather straps (as standard) that sat atop the Rails and were/are very efficient in several ways, well treated with Equestrian use *Dubbin* they last for a very long time* they have a certain amount of >give> when negotiating forms of a mixed nature.? they use foolproof attachment points, i.e. fixed stud at the bottom of the Rails with sprung loaded eyelet at the top, for positive tension.

Steel trucks on Leather make for almost perfect adhesion and traction, even on a Full Out form needing a lot of ink per pass.??

Again 40-50 Yrs. ago we were and still are just making stainless Steel Slippers to fit over the Rails, usually on Our Low tech, Adana,s, probably long before the plethora of *Taping the Rails* with Masking Tape, P.V.C. tape, PACKING Tape, Strapping Tape etc. etc.
Although Strapping Tape, as used on palletized, loads approaching a Ton apiece, has to be Strong and of course accurate, to fit the Clenchers.! and makes excellent Rail covers. Plus strapping tape usually has
one side as completely flat but with the other side *hatched* in diagonal form, when fitted uppermost on the Rails, again gives excellent traction and adhesion, virtually never need *rosin* or similar to prohibit Roller *Skid*

** Non Intended**? enquiring posts are a good platform for Teaching, learning etc. Good Luck.

The adjustable Morgan Trucks can ameliorate rail vagaries.

Aluminum tape? I’ve never seen it for sale… time to Google…