Where to order your cutting die plates

I’m wondering if there is a go-to place online for ordering type-high letterpress die cutting plates? I’m not sure where to start besides a web search - any help is appreciated.

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We use Express Die. They do a great job and the dies are always correct. Here is the info:

​Frank Roque
​Express Die
13075 Park St., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
562.903.1700 T | 562.903.8877 F

where are you? kind of?

Montana. There are only a few letterpress shops in the state and none in my area. I rely a lot on online sources.

And thank you for the resource western411.

You might try Precision Steel Rule Die in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. They are pretty darned quick and reasonably priced.

When I saw your post about die-cutting plates, I thought you meant the steel jacket that goes over the platen. I get those from BarPlate.com. They are the best in the industry. As far as steel rule dies go, I use Dienamics in Santa Rosa, 707-525-1122. Ask for Gene.