Ohio high school program in need of assistance

Hi, my name is Howard and I teach Graphic Arts at a Ohio Vocational School. I graduated from a Vocational School in 1982. My Graphic lab today, does not look anything like the school I attended. About 7 years ago I needed some personal funds, so I took back (from the school) a Chandler & Price Pilot press and a Kelsey. In addition I removed my 12 California Job cases, quoins and furniture. I had used the device to demonstrate the Letterpress process as well as number, score and die cut. Fast forward … my personal fund situation is improved and I really regret selling my letterpress stuff. I want to return to the school a small letterpress set-up for the education of the kids. I am not necessarily looking for a donation to the school. I am willing to purchase something … but I also do not want to return to a bad financial condition! I love printing and letterpress … and I have grown to love digital printing as well. When we can foil stanp, perf, score and number again, my students will understand ALL the flexibility of the great art of printing. If you ahve an idea or suggestion please contact me. The school is in Lebanon, Ohio.

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