Caster Recommendations

I have a Vandercook Universal 1 and was wondering if anyone can recommend casters. Is this a good idea?

Thank you!

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I would say that putting a cylinder press on wheels should only be a last resort. There might be mechanical slides which could be used to pull the press out from a wall for maintenance, since the action of the press is transverse to that direction.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

I would recommend leaving on the floor once it is balanced and leveled. if you do need to move “in and out” of production, look on Craig’s list or harbor freight for a “Motorcycle lift”(usually $50.00used-$100.00 new), it should go low enough to slide under and will most likely have enough power to lift this press to move. I would mark the floor so you can re position the feet right where they were.
IF you are determined to use castors, it looks like your press could weigh up to almost 2,000lbs. the castors you want then, would, in total capacity, of (4 I assume), 5,000lbs.
Castors come in many styles. If you have a rough, dirty, or wooden, floor you probably want a certain amount of “Rollover” capability. If you have a beautiful smooth cement floor, then bare steel, or hard urethane may work. look into it before you commit as castors of dependable, industrial grade are not a cheap date.
hope this says in the specs that if you have adjustable bed, “add 500lbs to equal 1700lbs. this just shows a style of what i am speaking of as far as a lift goes.