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I am working on porting some new modern type from digital to letterpress. Sort of like a 21st century foundry really. I just want to check the demand and ask if there’s any new fonts people have seen that aren’t available on Typeface that would be desired. My first ones will likely be Ghost Cove and Argo by Anthony James (can check em out on behance).

Please share your thoughts.

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I vote for Optima. It is a beautiful and versatile face that is very hard to find in metal type these days.

Optima came on the scene as letterpress was waining, which is main reason that there was not much of a window to have a lot of it cast and stocked. There simply was not a lot around when letterpress was still very viable.


I received a delivery of 25.50 kg brand new Optima roman and 4.10 kg of Optima italic last week from Rainer Gerstenberg:
It’s still available in most sizes. Foundry quality, nice hard alloy. Can be milled down to US/UK height of course!

I’m looking more at new type that isnt/hasn’t been available on letterpress but is available digitally sorto like those. Or Whispered Garden by Thuy Mat tit.

image: 87052e12412953.562689437f120.jpg


image: QV.jpg


image: GC.jpg


I lasercut a little bit of type, and when I make new type, I make stuff that is as multi purpose as possible. The first font shown, and to a lesser extent the third, seem like something I would have made in polymer for a specific job. The first font does seem interesting as a chromatic.

There are a lot of great foundries out there that make ornate Victorian type. They do benefit from being able to look back at the last 150 years of typography and select the best/ most successful fonts.

As one of the previous comments mentioned, it is intriguing to pick and reproduce some of the more successful fonts of the last 30 years (the digital age).