10 x 15 C&P

My 10 x 15 C & P was running fine, then entire press has frozen up over night. Very very tight, cannot move the flywheel at all. Any suggestions on where to start to loosen up?

Thanks - Marty

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Not sure where you are located. Also, not sure this will help but cold can cause a problem. I am in So Calif. and the other day my windmill was starting strange at 7am after running the all day prior. Our overnight cold is not low as others cold but I still did not like the way the press sounded. It had been in the low 40’s overnight and my windmill is not used to that. I didn’t want to brake something. I covered it up and ran my heaters under the tarp for 60 minutes to warm all the metal and oil. It was kind of like the engine block heater on my truck. The outside temp was still the same but the press was warm and started up fine.

check for a broken roller pin. it is hard to see but it is for the roller in the main gear raceway.
check for something weird between the pinion gear and main gear.
check the side arms for play on each end.
then there is the main shaft. you should be able to move it side to side a little bit.

Totally agree with ericm comments, something that hard of a stop would be the first place I’d look. But also always good to break down your area’s of trouble shooting, rule out things that work. Take the belt off the press, make sure the motor spins free. Also see if the throw off works, if it does then the platen part of the press works and your back with something tied to the main bed part of the press. Which is where ericm is talking about is located. Most important on a hard lock up like this….don’t force anything, that’s how things get broke. Good Luck and hope your press is running again so!!!! Steve