Another whasit?

Inside the chase are 5 bars with notched ends made by cornerstone and marked 38-40 & 40-42. What are they and how do I use them.

Complete novice and I just bought a load of gear that I now need to sort through and clean.

image: BB420461-0820-4914-8228-FCAFD5D40180.jpeg


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They are pieces of interlocking furniture. A full font would have many pieces in different lengths, and normally you would use them to fill out open space that is of irregular dimensions compared to standard furniture. Those four pieces could be assembled in three different way, so there is a lost of flexibility to the system.

Are you saying they make a straight line of adjustable length, lock into a rectangle, or right angle?

You set them into a rectangle, so you don’t have to fill your entire chase with type or non-printing material to get a solid lockup. Because that can get heavy quickly on larger chases.

I recently bought a bunch of printing materials, and one of my favourite things I got in the lot was a large box of spring-loaded interlocking furniture. Almost the same as this, except the corners lock with a pin-and-socket, and each piece expands/contracts lengthwise. Incredibly useful for storing fonts in galleys. :)

Both are very useful, and relatively uncommon compared to regular furniture. So worth keeping an eye out to see if you find more pieces that fit your set.

The system Kimaboe mentions is called ‘Quick-S’, I have uploaded the scan of a brochure with the instructions here:

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