Vandercook SP-15, equipment, supplies.

The primary printing press of The Bieler Press since the early 1980s. It was originally purchased “as new” and has served the Press well. It has been very well maintained throughout its productive life. The bed has been precisely leveled. Absolutely trouble-free in its operation. The serial number is 29493 [late 1972–one of the later SP-15’s to be manufactured].

This comes with over forty years of extras and press parts, (photos show some items in bed: flat bases, brass roller rail supports, etc., that are not included). Included are a Vandercook press manual, original Vandercook press cloth cover, two sets of (used) inking rollers from RotaDyne (Chino), positive lockup bar, press lamp, new washup blade for automatic washup, extra bearing block assemblies (used) for rollers, Challenge .918 type high gauge, Vandercook roller setting gauge, Challenge Hempel guoin key, etc.

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