Harris E1 Restoration completed

I’d like to share our little wonder video with the community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1hbwt9OqLk

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That E1 is such a wonderfully quirky, beautiful press. Excellent work as always!
The crew at Howard Iron Works are immensely inspiring.

That is mighty impressive. Would suspect that the need for plates and offset technology limited acceptance by the industry, but this is effectively the progenitor of the Multi 1250 and the AB Dick 350/360 offset-litho presses.

Michael Seitz
Missoula MT

thank you to everyone that has seen and commented. There is also an article we wrote that provides more insight into the little press. Although rotary was seen in newspaper,book and zinc rotary (lithographic) presses,well before the Little Wonder, it was Harris that developed that amazing shuttle feeder and coupled it with a rotary press.This was what is so eventful. We are inspired by those who came before us and with not a lot of tools in their box or Google for research.

What a beautiful machine!

That wobbly gear really is something!
Your restorations are the best I’ve seen.

Well done “Team Howard Iron Works”…..Well done!!! Even the video was very well put together!!! You guys don’t stop until they are back in their dress clothes looking as sharp as the day they were new…..and running just the same!!! THANKS!!!! Steve Alt

That is just fantastic Nick! I believe I saw parts of that press when I visited during your (and Liana’s) open house and printers’ fair last spring. Your contribution to the preservation of printing history and printing machinery is definitely world class!

In 1973, when I went to work for American Can Company’s division in Wisconsin which had formerly been Marathon Corporation, they had 60” Harris sheetfed offset presses for printing folding cartons. Little did I know that Harris started many years before, with presses like the E1.

We can’t thank you all, including Steve and Geoffrey, for taking the time to watch the video. Saving such unique pieces is simply a delight. I too had no idea that Harris had made such an interesting letterpress. Growing up it was always Harris offsets. The last Harris we sold was a 54 x 77” 4 color with double delivery. Harris was everywhere when I started in the trade. From Liana and myself thank you all so much for words of support.

Well done! I love the wobble gear! I was 1st press operator on a Harris M110 for 15 years, it’s great to see this beautiful press
Whistle Pig Press

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Nice work with the restoration. It looks like the original drawings were saved as well, how often does that happen!