Cleaning Heidelberg Windmill Platen

Hello, I have a 1951 Heidelberg windmill that I recently acquired. It is in great working order, perfect registration but the platen is covered in what appears to be the dried on remnants of drying powder, along with a bit of rust.
I have tried everything to remove it including varsol, acetone, rust remover and a whole lot of elbow grease but it is a slow, painful process. I have been scraping and steel-wooling until I am blue in the face.

Any thoughts on how best to clean this kunk off?

Appreciate any help,

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Try tri-sodium phosphate or another water based cleaner for the “powder”residue. The rust may well be tackled by scraping off with a single edge razor blade and clean up with a maroon Scotchbrite pad. I had an Intertype with the keybars covered in some nasty brown gunk that was impervious to solvents til I washed that with TSP and hot water.

Mike, thanks. l’ll give it a try.

Another US product that might help is CLR, for calcium lime and rust, especially if that powder is talc based as Mick has suggested on the other thread about this. (US spray powder is food starch and should come off easily, unless mixed with something very aggressive.)
I’ve used an electric drill and cupped wire brush to drive Scotchbrite pads for flat surface cleaning, usually with a little kerosene; works a lot faster than elbow grease. Scotchbrite has the benefit that it doesn’t shed steel bits everywhere.