Vandercook no 3 feed rollers

Hello all,

I have a Vandercook no 3 that’s feed roller is at it’s end of life. I am terrified of sending the cores off to get re-coated as if they are lost, I might never have the part again.

I have contacted Fritz Kline and NA graphics several times since January of 2018. Emailed, called, I even have an order in NA Graphics queue but have never been charged. I understand that he recently had some health concerns, but as far as I know, he’s the only person I might secure a backup from. Unfortunately, NA Graph no longer seems like an option.

Outside of having a machinist fabricate me a backup core, what other alternatives might I have?

Thank you,
- shaun

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I wouldn’t be afraid that a reputable roller maker would lose your cores, but there is a benefit in having a spare set so that your press isn’t down while fresh rollers are being made up.

That core is pretty simple. A roller company can make you a replacement if you can provide an accurate measured drawing.


I’m less worried about the roller maker losing it than I am worried about FedEx / USPS / UPS losing the damn thing.

Do not fear too much. I have been out of action since last July although NA Graphics has been open until April 1 until my employee retired. He could handle straight catalog items, but was floored by things like the #3 feed roller. I am using April to regroup and to reopen. Dave Seat is coming here to help out and then we will see what the future holds. We have had record snows and its now about 38 inches deep on the level.

We can recover existing cores like Vandercook and furnish new rollers such C&P right now. I will have more information as we go.

Fritz Klinke

Thanks for the response, Fritz! I am so glad to hear that you are on the mend and that NA Graph is looking to reopen.

My main concern is getting the cores somewhere to recover. I am a classic example of murphy’s law and I am terrified of sending them off to be lost in the mail. I wish there was a close enough place I could take them to personally.

Glad to hear from Fritz and to know that he is reorganizing for the future. He is such a great resource for all of us. Hope to hear soon that he has reopened.

You might contact Paul Moxon at ([email protected]). I think he can manufacture new cores for some/all? vandercook presses.


If truth be known, the several key suppliers dont have hordes of suppliers. We find some one who will cater to the whims of the letterpress market and then often share that firm on various parts of our business. We try not to step on one anothers toes and often consult with one another before plunging ahead. Finding letterpress suppliers is very difficult. We are all having trouble as almost all printing suppliers are looking to other industries to survive. So much for the digital age.

we love you Fritz, you’re doing good work

I went to school to for print design but alas, I now work full-time as an online designer. I print things on my presses as a labor of love; the music scene in my area is a truly special thing and many artists are still pressing records or want other assorted ephimera for live performances. I break even on almost all projects I take on; but it hardly accounts for my own labor.
Having resources like briarpress, na graph, the in-person visits to the Book Center from folks like Paul Moxon, and even the occasional find on ebay make it easier.