In the Market

Hi. I am currently in the market for my first press because of space constraints I need to get a table top. Anyone know of any for sale in the intermountain region and any advice on good models and why they are good models would be greatly appreciated. I also have some goodies I could use to sweeten the pot as well. Thanks,

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You can’t go wrong with T & T Press Restoration. Their work is excellent. Their market prices are fair.
They are also my friends.
After you get your press, I have type, quoins, etc.

Get some ink on your shirt.


Thanks Inky!
Actually talking to Terri from T&T tomorrow :)

I second the thumbs up on T & T Restorations. My favorite brands after having restored quite a few presses are: Golding Official or Pearl(tabletop), Sigwalt Ideal or Nonpareil, Cooks/Kelsey Victor, C&P Pilot. Great engineering on all of these brands/models.