Locking cam for Hammond Saw clamping bar

Looking for pictures of the locking cam lever and whatever is below on a Hammond Glider saw. I was finally able to acquire the clamp, but this part is a homebrew fix and I need a reference to know what parts I need to fabricate.

Thanks to all who reply.

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I’ve attached a few photos which show the locking mechanism from my Hammond saw. If you need other or more detailed photos, let me know.

John Henry
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image: closeup bottom.jpg

closeup bottom.jpg

image: closeup top.jpg

closeup top.jpg

image: lock device.jpg

lock device.jpg

I’ve seen three pdfs that have drawings that might help:
G-952.pdf, TS-1265.pdf, and G-1041R.pdf.
Many Hammond manuals can be found at
and at

The part I’m looking at is the table latch—my apologies for not being clearer on that. However there are some good leads listed, so I’ve got something to work with. Thanks!

Howdy Mike. I took some photos of what I believe might be the cam you are looking for sir. See attached below.


image: Hammond_Cam_82.jpg


image: Hammond_Cam_81.jpg


image: Hammond_Cam_80.jpg


image: Hammond_Cam_79.jpg