Kelsey 3x5

Hi all,

I’m relatively new to letterpress, and picked up a little Kelsey 3x5 to get my feet wet for small projects. I’ve been cleaning the press up, and had a couple of questions I’d appreciate some help with:

1. Where might I have good luck purchasing rollers for my press? I’ve seen where I can get rollers cast on the old cores, but didn’t know if there were other options that might be better. I haven’t seen many options for 3x5 rollers online, but would appreciate suggestions.

2. How would the press have been painted? I have an older model with the squared handle, which I believe was originally black (rather than the more military gray). I’ve been looking at old Kelsey catalogues, but can’t quite tell what it should have looked like. Would there have been gold pinstriping on the press, or would it just have been a satin black?

Thank you!


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no pinstriping all black I have found a couple larger ones that were a military green in that early square handle design.