showcard fullsheet signmaster weight question

an old showcard catalog lists the showcard full sheet signmaster as having a “combined weight of 1175 lbs”. I’m thinking this is the combined weight with the table, inking disc, etc. though i KNOW these things are dense and extremely heavy. I’m just wondering how much of a nightmare it would be to try to move one of these up two flights of stairs. how far can it break down. do the rollers come off? etc. any info on this would be greatly appreciated

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I am not sure if the one we had at the college was the largest. I believe the legs can be removed. The Ink roller also. Don’t know about the ink disk but I imagine it would lift off for cleaning. Not sure. The bed and ink disk would be the heaviest parts. Here is a link that might be helpful.

I don’t think this one has an inking disc, not sure how much of a bummer that is, but I kind of assumed I would be hand inking things anyways. thankyou for sending me that manual though, that is quite helpful and will be great to have if i get it!