Uneven Inking C&P 10x15

Any guesses? I’m currently only using two rollers (I know I should use three but missing trucks…).

Rollers are clean. Plate is clean. Ink from letterpress inks.

Ideas welcome!

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It will not upload. my photo. Sorry! Will try again.

The image needs to be fairly small, no spaces or underscores in the file name.

Here is the image. Currently printing on a C&P 10x15 Craftsmen w only two rollers (waiting on new trucks to print w all 4 rollers).

image: IMG7109.jpg


I may have a set of 4 trucks and 2 roller cores for that press if you have an interest in them. Trucks are 1 11/16 and the cores are 21 1/2 inches long.

image: Trucks.jpg


image: Cores.jpg


Thanks for the offer. Are the trucks old-style trucks? I have four rollers that are in good shape. Two rollers have old style metal trucks, two rollers have Delrin trucks. Trying to match all four. Might be interested in the metal trucks.

image: IMG2991.jpg


They do not look like the one in your photo. I will take a few more shots to upload later.

Anyone care to troubleshoot this with me? Managed a few prints with complete coverage. Then, top part of plate, ink seems to get smeared off…

image: IMG3995.jpg


Fixed it! Changed the tape on the rails to a thinner one.

Wait, this is a C&P Craftsman?

Peel that tape off and throw the tape away! The Craftsman has adjustable rails, you can just turn the bolts on the sides of the rails to move them up or down. No need for taping.

image: rails.jpg


looks like a “high point in the rail? maybe a good straight edge and a sharp 12” file are in order?

Thanks everyone! Yes, it’s a craftsmen! I took the tape off and it worked.