Gripper Bar Springs

After fighting a small but troublesome registration issue I may have found at least part of the issue. All 6 spring - 3 on each gripper are broken off on the same tip. I notice when I took a bar off and had an old broken bar that came with the press. After I snapped my finger with the old bar closing on it I said “wait a minute”, my bars now don’t do that. I never caught this since the all look the same I did not know any better. What is the best way to fix this.

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Western, the best way is probably but unfortunately the only way.

i e. replace all 6 springs.

You could try Your own Wittenberg - (burgh) Graphics suppliers Stateside.

Here in the U.K. we are fortunate in that our *Senior Graphics* provide excellent back up for Heidelberg Printing M/c,s Platens, Cylinders & more.
Just spoke with our Senior Graphics, parts and technical back up departments, They are well stocked with most parts, they ship worldwide, but unfortunately the springs come in at around £12.50 (sterling) each, approaching $16 U.S, dollars each, + V.A.T. + P. & P. (shipping U.K. inland).

The maths look like £100 (sterling) Approx. $128 U.S. Dollars, seems expensive, but as the saying goes,
*needs must when the devil is in the driving seat* if their is no alternative

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Senior,s also imply that to replace the springs, the Roll Pins or Taper Pins, that anchor the fittings to the transverse operating rod, have to be withdrawn/removed and then the Rod/Shaft can be withdrawn, catching all the fittings and marking for re-assembly.

Good Luck. Mick. U.K.

I would replace the entire gripper; most of the aftermarket grippers are under $100 and work well. That’s the quick easy way, and easy on the pocketbook. Check Whittenburg or eBay.

Thank you for the feed back, It was kind of what I thought.