Warnock patent base filler pieces

Looking for the aluminium pieces (?) that were meant to fill the grooves and support plates on the Warnock base system. They apparently have teeth to engage with the register teeth in the base segments. These came in various lengths. If nothing else, a set of dimensions could get me started on making my own.

Thanks in advance!

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Duplicate - Stet.

Mike, if You can call up *Sterling Honeycomb base with Toggle hooks* on the appropriate site You should see some useful pointers for Your quest, inc. dimensions and methods for use.

Way back during apprenticeship days (author,s `54-`60) all 4 colour work, from process Plates, was achieved via the above system, on Big American Miehle Press,s with 8 pages up per forme, all 8 with 4 colour plates laid down on each page, could take a whole shift just to a achieve the first pass for the first colour, against the Plate Makers progressive proofs.

Apologies if the above is of no conceivable use.! but may provoke some proper info. - Mick U.K.

Mike: Beiler Press was selling some: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bielerpress/2150609693/

Mick: Sterling bases are way different than Warnock bases.

Mike I h ave a bunch of Warnock base and locks and stuff at the museum, but it is buried. I will try to dig it out and send you a photo.


As Arie noted Warnock is no relation to Sterling, and the complexity of the system probably did them in. I like the Bieler Press’ comparison of the plate clips to tanks-running in trenchs, as this illustration of a Warnock base segment will illustrate:

image: 20190520_205334.jpg


So, looking for the bits to fill the grooves, or a picture of one, especially the bottom. Thanks!

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