19 Hamilton typecases with type and ancillaries

I have 20 Hamilton typecases, 19 of which contain varying amounts of type.

Unsurprisingly, there are lesser amounts of the larger point sizes, but some of the cases containing smaller sizes are packed.

1. Marked “12-14 Goudy Text”
2. Unmarked, reminiscent of Zapf Chancery
3. Unmarked, blackletter of some kind
4. Unmarked, reminiscent of Palace Script
5. Marked “18-24-30 Lombardic Capitals”
6. Unmarked, large (24pt?) italic sans (maybe Helvetica)
7. Marked “18 Gara Bold Italic”
8. Unmarked, serif (Times?) & script (Palace Script?)
9. “30 Sp Bold Cond Italic”
10. “24 Rondo”
11. “18 Sp HI” (Helvetica Italic?)
12. Unmarked, extra bold sans
13. Unmarked, blackletter
14. Illegible, “…sty ex bold”, serif
15. Unmarked, serif (Times?) and sans (Helv.?) small ~10pt
16. “18 Rondo”
17. “72 Spartan Black Condensed”
18. Unmarked, serif italic (Times it.?)
19. Unmarked, serif roman (Times r.?) U&L two sizes (8-12?)
20. Empty.

I also have a cardboard box (24 case of beer size) containing miscellaneous leading, rules, spacers, etc. and (probably) “extra” symbols. Weighs 42.8 lbs.

I know that there were stars, bullets, Masonic “square and compasses”, in various sizes that I picked out of a cookie tin. I know I threw the tin itself away, but I’m pretty sure the contents went into the beer

I helped my dad do letterpress printing in the early-mid 80’s and rescued these from a guy who wanted to melt the type down for fishing weights, but I have no use for them. AFAICT, if I was prepared to do the necessary cleaning, sorting, and packaging, I could get $1,600 (worst case) on eBay selling individual sets of type and the cases separately, but I’d rather avoid selling/packaging/mailing 60 or so lots.

The photos at the link below have been jumbled by imgur, unfortunately, but still hopefully gives some impression of what’s there.

One lot. Any fair offer considered. Buyer collects.

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