book press part question

I just found an old book press at a thrift shop, but it’s missing the small little plate that attaches the pressure screw to the plate. I’m wondering if anyone knows what that part is called and have any suggestions on where to look tracking one down?

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This is a photo of the press

image: unnamed.jpg


I’m not sure what it’s called, but I think it consists of two halves, so that it can surround the groove in the screw. You could probably get a machine shop to make it — it just needs to fit snugly in the groove in the screw, and have screw holes in each half to fasten it to the platen. Probably 1/8 or 3/16 inch steel plate.


I have heard them called the ball & socket or footpiece. Ditto on what Bob stated in his note: a fairly easy item to have a machinist make. Some models had a one-piece design: this one appears to need the two-section type. Some others in the Briar Press world may know where to find replacements. Sorry, I sure don’t. Nice looking press!


Thanks! I will look in to trying to make one, but if anyone reads this and can point me towards someone who has parts that would be great!
thanks again guys!

annajulia, Your press is known as a copying press.
There is a book on these kinds of press’, Rhodes & Streeter published by Oak Knoll.
best james

Thanks James!

Here’s the two examples I’ve got on hand:

The silver one is different, I’m not sure what it looks like inside, but the black ones are identical to yours. essentially two crescents that sit down in the trough, with their seams touching where the screws hold them down.

I have however, seen a home job of a big washer cut in half with the centre smaller than the ball. it was screwed down on top of the recess. You lose a slight bit of height, but it’s a very quick fix as all it is doing is assisting in lifting the top plate.

image: balllift3.JPG


image: balllift2.JPG


image: balllift1.JPG


Galenasmart, the image at the bottom is the hardware i’m looking for or hoping to make, do you have any pictures of how it attaches to the end of the screw?
I also like the washer idea!

Here’s the interior.

there’s a split ring to keep the hardware attached.

Had to open it up to see how it worked!

image: IMG5381.JPG


That’s perfect! Thank you so much for the picture Galenasmart. Is that a lock washer at the bottom?