Wanting to glue card stock together to make extra thick cards. How are they doing this, and what type of glue do they use.

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i use 3M “Super 77” kind of expensive but it doesn’t soak in aand stain the stock i use. highly advise testing anything you decide on first. be sure to mount with stock grain at right angles to each other.

Sorry to use this thread for this, but I don’t know if e-mail is not working.

@ericm, I sent you an e-mail but I don’t know if you received it. I wanted to buy one of your Kluge roller tools.
Can you let me know? Thanks.

We have used the 3M for small runs but the last time found they were coming apart after a few days. I have used that spray for many years and wondered if the formula has been changed to be more eco friendly. We used a strong field of spray and left the job under pressure for 24 hours. We do more duplexing using a small gluer we bought from over seas. While it had some issues when we first used it we have gotten it to work well through trial and error. We are using some Gluefast glues with very good results. After applying the glue we feed them through a roller press ( we used a cold roll laminator instead) and put them in a padder or a old book press for 24 hours under pressure. The water based glues bond into the surface of the paper sort of breaking it down a little and the two sheets are melded together and the glue dries clear. I used Gluefast GF637UGL from DWC packaging in Los Angeles.

enrique, i emailed you back.