Touring West Coast shops

Briar Press says I’ve been a member for 11 years and 14 weeks. I bet I haven’t posted a half dozen times so I have no right to expect fruitful replies but here goes …

My building in New Orleans is being sold so I have to move. I’m thinking across the country is only somewhat more traumatic than moving across town. So I’m touring places to look at where I might land. Mostly I’ve picked my itinerary based on free couches I can surf. I started in Minnesota. I’m in Seattle now til Thursday the first of August. Portland area next for two nights. Then San Francisco Bay Area including Santa Cruz from Sunday August 4 to Saturday the tenth. Then a dozen days in Los Angeles (lots of couches), and on to Power and Light in New Mexico and back to New Orleans with a perhaps stop or two in Texas. I’m open to suggestion. For more of a flavor of what I’m about please check my website or find my Instagram by looking up fitzpress or read my alter-ego blog

All thoughts and ideas welcome unless you want to tell me I’m out of my mind. I already know that. Give me a snail mail address and I’ll post you a hand-set-plus-hand-carved-lino-block-card with my brief pitch.

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John, I sent you an email.