Parks -or- Fuchs & Lang Lithography Printing Press

FREE lithography press/press parts

Are you a die-hard lithography enthusiast and/or interested in a major restoration project or simply looking for press parts? You’ve come to the right place!

I salvaged this antique cast iron lithography press from storage at my place of work (Atlanta Contemporary, formerly Nexus, aka Nexus Press) and discovered the remnants of a beautiful antique lithography printing press. The parts have been sitting in storage since the 70s/80s and have a lot of rust build up.

I’ve reached out to several print-restoration pros in the US and am pretty confident that this is either a Parks Press or a Fuchs and Lang. There is no plaque, or its been misplaced otherwise I would know for sure. The majority of the pieces are here, but there are a few parts that I think are missing. The parts could definitely be sourced from the community or fabricated.

I am looking for someone to take it off my hands and restore it themselves. I don’t want this gem of a discovery to go to waste or be turned into an antique coffee table/random decorative piece. I want it to be restored for its original function. However, I am moving in September and am unable to take this press with me. I need it off my hands by September. You can have all of this for FREE, as long as you can do local pickup yourself. Let me know if you are interested and I can certainly share more with you!

Copy/paste into your URL to view Google Drive Folder of photos:

Pieces For Sure Included::

1 Pressbed measuring 70 inches by 34 inches with attached tympan
1 Press handle - original wood/metal
1 Press gear attached to a interior beam (I think the second joining gear is what is missing)
1 interior beam attached to the handle used to engage the scraper bar onto the print matrix
1 top piece that joins the two sides of the press
Various bolts and press height adjustment hardware
2 sides of the press with rollers
1 medium sized wheel
1 large sized wheel (not sure if these wheels are even a part of the press but I kept them anyway just in case, they look like Chandler & Price letterpress wheels)
1 cylinder drum
2 metal beams that keep the two sides together somehow
2 scraper bars + other miscellaneous rusted hardware

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