Got 18pt Bernhard Gothic Light?

I typeset a lengthy poem for a broadside and ran short of 4 lower case e. I may just be crazy enough to print in two runs, but thought I’d first see if anyone has this font and would consider loaning me half a dozen e. Of course I would pay postage both ways, and will return them promptly with huge gratitude, along with some ephemera. Or, if you have any of this type for sale, I’d be interested.

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A noble member of the Briar Press community, Heather H., has generously offered to mail me the needed sorts. Thank you Heather!!!

Still interested in purchasing more of several sizes of Bernhard Gothic, if anyone has any for sale.


I think I might have seen some at a shop I was at recently. I’ll check when i’m back there in October!

Thank you, bowerbox! Fingers crossed.

I have no Bernhard Gothic Light in 18pt
I do have several other cases of Bernhard Gothic


Hi Inky,
Ha, some of my BG holdings came from you, as I’m sure you recall. I’m pretty well stocked on all but the 18pt Light, but thanks so much for the offer.