Type cabinet - how heavy

Forgive me if this is a duplicate. The forum software errored out when I tried last time.

I am working on some planning and trying to determine the floor loading required to hold a full type cabinet. I realize it can vary but can anyone give me a good guess on the weight of a full (24 California case) cabinet?

Thanks, Mike.

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Case weight will depend on how full it is, and to a certain extent, what size face. Weight might range from 10# to 50#. A light holding of 10pt Caslon might only weigh 10#, a very full case of 24pt Nubian might weigh 50#. You will also want to consider press weight/vibration load.

Bill, thanks for the reply. That is about what I was thinking but it has been a long time since I was around it. I am trying to move my Dad’s print shop to my house (outbuilding) now that he is too old to use it. I’m looking forward to getting back into it.

Tip on moving type any distance - staple heavy brown paper over each case, and stack cases on a pallet. Cover the top case with heavy cardboard or plywood and stretch wrap the pallet. You can move this with a pallet jack, and on to a truck via liftgate. My typical pallet was two stacks of cases about 36” high. I’ve moved several pallets like this from Virginia to Massachusetts, and finally to Colorado.

I agree, I’ve had many cases that were very full and weighed at least 50#. Type cabinets can vary in weight also, a steel Hamilton cabinet can weigh much more than a lower quality wood cabinet. Have fun
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Thanks for the moving advice. I have about 60 miles to move things.

Steve, I believe that most of the cabinets are metal ones (8) and one or two wooden so that is a good point to remember. I think I am going to get a workout!


Hey Gang,
Anyone thinking of moving letterpress equipment may get a few ideas from some of the stuff I did to move my shop last winter. I put in a lot of preparation but moved over 10,000# of presses, type and paraphernalia 9 miles away in 3 hours.
Here is a link to photos of that move. If anyone needs some specifics let me know.