Miehle horizontal

Good morning. Trying to save a miehle horizontal. Fairly good sized press, about 8’ wide and 12’ long. Is there any brochures, manuals, etc available that I could get a copy of? How do I I’d the model. Did not see any nameplate on press. Have some pictures that I can post if that would help. Thanks Marshall

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Hopefully there is picture attached

There is the Miehle Horizontal and the Miehle 29. Pretty much the same press but a different feeder setup. Check to see if the feeder is a Dexter, as that will determine which operating and parts books you need. When in doubt, post a serial number for this (or any) press.

The dreaded duplicate post…

Is this hand-fed or with feeder? Is delivery over the bed or with receding stacker? What is the measure of the bed, and how many form rollers?
If your pictures didn’t post, it may be because you used forbidden characters in the name: letters and numbers OK but not much else is allowed.

Will try pictures again later. Not sure of feeder style. Newbie on press, good knowledge on linotype.

I owned a Miehle 29 letterpress for 24 years, converted to a die-cutter. Receding stacker, Dexter feeder. Pretty reliable. Do you plan on putting it in your shop?
Here’s a video of one at Hatch Show Print, at 3:00 minutes.

You may want to check with Crawford and Company on the manuals. If I remember right, that’s where I got mine.They may have the operators and the parts manual.

Can you give me a little more info on Crawford and company?
.I have other photos that i will rename and upload.



image: meihle1.jpg


Some more pics

image: miehle4.jpg


image: miehle2.jpg


image: miehle3.jpg


Looks like a horizontal, not a miehle 29. I have books, Carl. 559 730-1596

Carl. I will contact you this afternoon/evening. This should prove to be an interesting save. It has to fit thru a 4 foot wide door, and then go out onto a wood deck that is 5 feet above ground level next to a narrow alley. But I enjoy challenges. Marshall

Hi Marshall,
The miehle looks to be the small one (no.4) with a 40 inch wide bed. The frame width is 4 feet 6 inches wide, then you have the flywheel and shaft to deal with. Weight is nearly 6 tons.. I have worked this size press and the larger presses both single colour, 2 colour and perfector and the baby version with a 15 x 20 inch sheet . Also both USA and British made presses. I have a hand book for the British made press and a 1928 advertising booklet giving all the sizes etc.
Would be prepared to scan them if it helped as I am UK based.

It’s The Crawford Company, http://www.pressrepair.com/
Crawford and Company is an insurance business..
Good luck with this project.

Frank. Scanned copies would be great.thanks for the clarification on Crawford. This site is amazing. Marshall

I fed a Miehle 4-2R (two form rollers) in the mid-’70s, and this looks like the same press, but slightly newer than our 1904 model. You can switch between face-up delivery onto the pile or use the fly fingers to feed face-down. You seem to have the slitting wheel too, but the feeder’s platform is missing.
Under the bed there are leather pistons that absorb the force as the press reverses motion. We conditioned them with Neatsfoot oil, and if the valves were misadjusted, the whole press would move.
Never, ever forget to lock the dogs that hold the chases on the bed!

that’s not a Horizontal. Horizontal is newer has suction feeder and chain delivery. This has a Grasshopper delivery and hand-fed.

Nick. Any idea of what year this might be? I am guessing mid teens thru 20’s. This strictly a wild guess on my part. Marshall

Does colour have any bearing on age?
Miehles I have worked that were pre war were painted black, but post war were grey. The picture attached is of a 45 inch sheet British Miehle built around 1967 , possibly one of the last built?

image: proof readers020.jpg

proof readers020.jpg

I will be meeting with the owner on Wednesday morning and hopefully making a deal on the press. At that time I will also be taking pictures of the press from different angles. Is there any features that I need to focus on that would help id this jewel?

Amazing responses. In 1976 I considered getting this press and got a reply from the Miehle Co. giving the serial nos. Horiz. O 1928 to H-1580 1941, then the 29 L.P. H-1581 1946 to H-2586 1966. At that time a #2571 was being offered for $800. Parts were then available for all presses, Miehle said, but mainly later models, and no instruction book as they were out of print.
I have a catalogue of parts as well as a 20-page descriptive sales book with lots of pictures and a floor plan and press specifications. I was going to give these to the Museum of Printing, but if you don’t have the info you want and are interested, let me know.
Joseph Blumenthal of New York’s well-known Spiral Press once told me they had a Miehle H and said the pressmen claimed the H stood for “Horrible” !

Darrell. Yes I would love to have any paperwork that pertains to this jewel. Even PDFs would be nice. Marshall

Marshall: give me an address and their yours.

Darrell sent you an email Marshall

There were presses much like this made in the UK by the Linotype and Machinery Company at their Altrincham works.
To be seen all over the trade including some in very very large sizes. These had air pistons to slow the bed down ready to reverse direction and a room full of these ( eg Keliher, Hudson, and Kearns Ltd in Southwark, London SE1, sounded like a room full of deep breathing and rumbling elephants!