Blick Econo Etch Printmaking Press model II (9.5”x18”)


With this press you can print on paper 9.5x11” copper plates. It is doing a very good job for etching, linocut, woodcut, mezzotint, intaglio. Also very good for embossing. Easy to carry around, won’t take room space.
The reason I am selling it it is because I’ve got a bigger one.

`Comes with :
-1/4” thick gray cushion blanket+ catcher blanket and a pusher blanket.
- one copper plate
- 10 sheet of Strathmore printmaking paper

Steel bed plate measures 11-11/16” wide × 19-3/4” long (9½” × 18” recommended max print size), and is 1/8” (3 mm) thick.
The 3” upper roll, and the lathe-turned 1-1/2” lower roll are both solid steel
Aluminum side castings with four adjustable feet
The base measures 13-1/4” × 11-3/4”

Weighs 67 lbs (30 kg).


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