Run of Futura (or Spartan)

I’m selling a run of Futura Book from a repro house. Running out of room so selling this as we have duplicates. As it is American cast I believe it is either Spartan or Twentieth Century which were American copies of Futura. It came from Spartan Typographers of Oakland in 1976 and has been in cases in a dry basement since. Seldom used. Priced as groups, i.e. roman & italic. They are large fonts, i.e. M&H say 37a for 14 point, this set has 124a, etc. i gave weights and prices below. Shipping about $14 per size with priority mail or pick-up in Berkeley California. MAIL ME FOR PHOTOS AS THEY EXCEED PERMITTED ATTACHMENT SIZE

••• 14 point roman (10 pounds) and Italic (11 pounds)
“124a” font (M&H single font is 37a) so over 3 fonts
price for both $110, shipping $13.65

*** 18 point book 19 pounds
18 point italic 13 pounds $150 both

*** 24 point book 13 pounds &
24 italic (8 pounds) $110 both

••• 36 point book (13 pounds) &
36 point italic (8 pounds)

••• 48 point italic (7 pounds) $50

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