Standard base question

We have a windmill with a standard base and use 95 gage photopolymer plates. We are wondering about using on occasion a 16 gage deep etch copper plate. I think the 16 gage is .0625 and the photopolymer .036. Can I change the roller height and packing to compensate for the difference or do I need a deep relief base in order to use the 16 gage copper. I know I can get mounted copper or type high brass but that starts to raise the cost to high.

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If the platemaker that you want to buy 16g etched copper from can provide copper cuts mounted and you don’t want to do that each time because of expense you might see if you could buy from them one large piece of their mounting material whatever that is. It would be the correct height for the copper and you could use it just as you would your regular base and mount plates with tape and then remove them and use it over and over. Your could draw your own alignment patterns on it. Just an idea.

Thanks for the feedback. That is good idea. We like the option of being able to do both the standard plates and 16 gage. It adds to the printing options and it also opens up some cold embossing ideas and options.

If you use adhesive to attach the plates to your base, be very careful in removing the plate as the etched plate will bend very easily and be difficult to print from a second time.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Thank you, I did wonder about that.