Assembling Clutch on 8x12 C&P

I just purchased this beautiful press but because the doorway to my studio was not wide enough, it was shipped to me without the flywheels and clutch attached. I am now trying to put the clutch on but cannot figure out what or where this large disc/washer that was wrapped up with it goes (see photo), It is too large for the shaft. Any ideas? I have also attached a photo of the press intact from the previous owner (who I have had a hard time contacting because he is in the middle of a long distance move), in addition to the clutch and the mystery disc/washer.

image: CLUTCH.jpg




image: PRESS.JPG


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I love this! A Horton Pulley.. Wish my press had one. I literally grew up to the sound of this clutch engaging an idling motor.

My big ole bull gear is completely enclosed with cowling and there is no place to attach mine. That said, I am quite sure I saved a manual which would tell you how to install that washer. Feel free to email.

Mike Moore
The LetterKraftPress
[email protected]

Mike Moore
any chance of posting a pdf of the manual?

Thank you,
Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press

I ran a 12 x 18 C&P for years, with a Horton Pulley. I would start the run at 1,800 an hour, and pretty soon it would be up over 2,000! It’s not a set it and forget it, they pick up speed as they warm up. Pretty reliable though, and easy to adjust. My guess is the washer goes on the outside to help hold the pulley on the press.

I looked at my archives, but could find no manual. I did come up with a couple of images from the patent application by one Charles Strite (the inventor of the pop-up toaster!)

When letterpresses were powered in gangs by an overhead steam axle, they had to have an “idle” state since the overhead was turning all the time. Horton Pulleys were part of the answer, an much safer than just grabbing the turning belt and jamming it onto the drive pulley!