Private Collection Auction in the Early 90’s in NJ?

I was at this but cant remember the name- It was a largish commercial printer who had a private collection of equipment etc- a little museum inside his plant. The whole thing went up for auction I think it was 1993-94. Somewhere a little west of Newark as I recall. Does anyone know where it was, or recall the names of a printing plant in that area back the? it was good size building.

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Scott-I have the name somewhere and am trying to locate it. I was the agency historian for the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC for several years before retiring last year, and I know there’s a whole folder of info in my former files about a web-fed Hoe perfecting press that GPO passed to that museum (and that went for scrap when the museum ceased to exist). One of my former colleagues is trying to locate the file and when she does, I should have an answer for you.

Geo Barnum

Thanks George- i have a rare ruling machine that came from that auction, and as I’m getting older I want to attach a note to it.