Need press mechanic for 8x12 C&P

I am looking for a press mechanic in the Durham Raleigh area (Chapel Hill) to work on my 8x12 C&P. I had one sent to me recently but parts were taken off in order for it to fit through a door. It turns out that the previous owner took the platen off and forgot to put the rocker washer back on. I’m in a bit over my head at this point with assembly and fear of damaging something so I am happy to farm this out to someone who can help. Will foot reasonable travel costs. — looking for recommendations.

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If you can convince him to travel from Asheville, Justin Turcotte can likely help you. He is very good at what he does.

Thanks! I’m actually looking at using someone all
the way from MO who I met in October. But this is good to know, too. Does he do C&Ps?