NC Windmill Operators/Printers?

Hey folks,
First post. New to printing. I’ll try and keep this short and get to the back story later. I’m curious to find out how many printers there are in my area, namely ones with Heidelberg Windmill experience. At first glance, it would appear Burlington, NC is something of a printers desert (especially letterpress) but I thought I’d ask.

I’ve been looking for a Heidelberg “windmill” press and, though there seems to be a number of hurdles, namely, the cost of transporting one from anywhere to here and getting it into my garage, I was also just presented with another; I probably need to have someone knowledgeable about the press available to help with start-up and set-up, seeing as how I know nothing about them.

So, I’m curious, are there any windmill press operators out there from Raleigh, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, etc?

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I’m a second generation letterpress printer in Fayetteville, NC ( grew up and learned in Upstate NY). I have an 11x7 Gordon, a Poco and several Kelseys, but no Windmill.
Jim DiRisio
The Norlu Press

There is a commercial print shop in Winston Salem that has a heidelberg. Pinecrest Printery is the name. The owner is a real nice guy so I am sure if you have him an email he would be happy to help you out.