Just finished building my own book press, really happy with how it come out

I tried to make the press as simple as possible and you can build this with basic hand tools, i used a cnc but its really not necessary

enjoy- https://youtu.be/AWintBboXFU

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Looks like a good, solid and serviceable press. I just had Boxcar feature my own book printing efforts featured in their blog: https://www.boxcarpress.com/blog/dale-raby-sasquatchs-dilemma-fine-press...

So far, I haven’t really needed a book press, but I’ve got a longer manuscript in the works, so one of these days I might have a use for one of these!

Anybody else just amazed with modern manufacturing technology?

Hello thisdesignedthat,

Your book press looks GREAT! I always enjoy reading about other folks’ building projects. It’s a shame that more folks don’t appreciate the value of home and/or small shop built equipment.

Watching your video, I can see a few things that I’d do differently in the construction, but all of them are related to available tools and skill sets…. not to the design. Your design looks to be more than sound, and your fabrication is superb.

Keep up the good work.

aka Winking Cat Press