Cleaning Wood type: Has anyone used Klean Strip Green?

Dear Members,

I recently acquired some wood types and was researching how to clean them. I’ve read through all the relevant threads here and decided to use mineral spirits for the time being.

The thing is, I picked up Klean Strip Green Mineral Spirits which somehow emits less VOC than the traditional Mineral Spirits of the same brand. It’s supposed to look milky-white and dries clear.

Before I open this thing, I thought it would be good to ask if anyone else has tried this particular product, just in case…

Thank you for your help! :D

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The “odorless” paint thinners dont perform as well, in my opinion. I believe they are made by blending water into the thinner, and water is the nemesis of wood type. I favor the old fashioned, and more porous, mineral spirits.

Hi mikefrommontana,

Thank you very much for replying so quickly. What you said makes sense! I will go back to the hardware store and get the old fashioned stuff right now! :) :) :)

Yes, in full agreement with Mike from MT: stay clear of that solvent when working on wood type. I had the unfortunate experience of trying it on traditional stone lithography, with two ruined images until I figured out what the source problem was and what it was doing to the drawing.

When cleaning your wood type you might also try gently warming the type, face down on a barrier sheet on top of an electric griddle, set on a low, warm temperature. This softens the remaining ink which allows better solvent penetration and quicker cleaning. For ink build up in counters and apexes, try various wood engraving tools or dental tools. Even the hardest of ink accumulations will flick right out, before cooling. After all cleaning, a good wipe down with furniture oil makes the type happy. Good luck. Send some photos of Before/After!


Hi Jim,

Thank you for your advice! I managed to exchange the “green” type for the more traditional(?) kind. Hopefully this one will work OK. I will make sure to test it on a small throw-away piece first.

The tidbit about warming up the wood type first is also much appreciated! Luckily, it seems that the pieces I acquired are relatively clean; they don’t have much ink accumulation or gunk buildup in general. Hopefully, the cleaning process will be relatively simple in my case…

However, the shiny finish (I’m guessing shellac?) has worn off on some of them, so I will have to learn how to reapply shellac. Some practicing is definitely needed!

And photos! I will remember to post some. :D Thank you again for your help!!