Is there a market or wood ornament designs

We have recently restored a 1912 Golding Pearl No. 11 improved press. We are very new to letterpress but really enjoying it. I have done a lot of designing prior to our press and have been starting to create some wood ornaments to go along with our type. Is there a market for this or do people just make their own? I have an example attached. It was my first run and I am already learning so much more since this one. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

image: 004Finsihedpress(1).jpg


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Nice work. Tell us a little about yourself.

Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press (Kentucky)

i am interested in your process to create the wood plates. Are you using a CDC or ???



It looks like some sort of “Seasoned or Treated” wood. What is it? If it isn’t a secret? I didn’t really know you could cut an image into the side of the grain on such a wide grain wood. I guess i thought it always had to be “end grain” which i can see as expensive the larger you go,

The wood is certainly not end grain - looks like cherry but could be anyone of a number of wood species.

To correct my prior post - was the block cut with a CNC (not a CDC)?

To answer the original question - yes there is a market for the cuts - look at EBay - at one time there was a lot of cuts for sale, but a lot less these days - I assume less inventory is available - price is always an issue - the Ebay stuff sold pretty cheap ($10-25 or so). Custom cuts may be a potential market - sorta like photo-polymer-plates. That would produce a higher price.