What are these tool used for?

I recently inherited a 10x15 C&P with almost everything that’s needed to get going (famous last words!). I found these three items that I don’t know what they used are.The press came from a shop that also had a Linotype so perhaps the tools belong with the Linotype. The two long “picks” have “ASPER GRIPPER CLEVELAND.O” engraved on them.

Do you know what these tools are and what they do?

image: IMG_5975.jpg


image: IMG_5978.jpg


image: IMG_5976.jpg


image: IMG_5977.jpg


image: IMG_5973.jpg


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The first is an Intertype border slide block (a Linotype slide block does not have that long flange on top). Border slides are slipped into the dovetail slot for casting.
The second looks to me like a paper guide common to many bindery machines: shear, perforator, cutter, others.
The last are fingers for Casper grippers, used in place of standard grippers on C&P and other platens. Casper grippers have small notches along one side and that pivoting arm fixes into those.

Thank you parallel_imp. I think I can use the grippers on my press. I’m missing one of the original grippers.

These are gripper finger *extenders* - they slide down over your existing grippers at a 90-degree angle. If you’re missing a gripper, I know someone who may have a spare one and if so, would be yours for the cost of postage.