Rogersol LT Health Hazards

My shop is a 12’ x 24’ metal building w/ window AC unit which has a Fan function. I am wondering about health hazards involved in using Rogersol LT in a less than optimally ventilated
work environment. I have tried using masks. Just trying to pick
out a mask at a Home Depot is challenging. What type for dust? For fumes?, etc. The packaging is not always clear about what the intended use is. That was before the pandemic.
Also how careful should I be about solvent contact with skin?

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I used to use a Willson half-face mask with organic vapor cartridges and dust filters over them. New versions are made by them, and by other companies such as 3M. Buying online is a problem if you don’t already know exactly what size will fit your face properly.

Hi Mike; Just for kicks, I decided to look up the MSDS on this product.
The warnings on this are several and explicit. I’m guessing a safer product is out of the question? Have you tried asking your supplier what they recommend? Can you increase the ventilation where you are? At a minimum, I would wear gloves and eye protection. Try to get more ventilation.

Blanket hardener (for offset) is NOT suitable for washup ineither the offset or letterpress universes. Go to the hardware or paint store and buy mineral spirits (The old clear smelly kind), or even use kerosene (for coarse cleanup) to reduce usage of high VOC solvents.

High volatility aromatic solvents are not good for you, either in skin contact and especially to breath. Find a slower and slightly less effective solvent to do the job.

What exactly is the product OP is asking about- I think that msds is for something different, sounds like he might be asking about a press wash.

Folks: appreciate the input
To the best of my knowledge Rogersol LT is a press wash
not a blanket hardener. “Proper Name” on label-
RVA 119 WM Wash
It is sold through the SunChemical company. It is water miscible. Label says dilute to 40%
Thing is I’m having trouble getting 2 form rollers clean at full strength. This may be partially due to how crappy “paper”
shop towels have become. I am getting close to retiring and thinking about giving up numbering and just take whatever perfing, scoring and die-cutting I can get. I am going to investigate the Willson half face mask further.
Thanks parallel_imp for that lead.

Here’s the right MSDS
This should work. I’d try a different product. I still use cloth rags occasionally, when the blue shop towels aren’t doing the job.
I gave up numbering about 10 years ago, and I don’t miss it. My customers could not follow directions, so it was a daily battle. The smaller printers didn’t care what they gave me. The time I spent on ‘customer education’ did not pay off.

Here’s the cloth shop towels I use, I recommend them.