Good sources for Challenge paper cutter blades?

Hi all - I have just acquired a Challenge 193H paper cutter that, with a little elbow grease, looks like it will be a wonderful machine.

Are there any preferred sources for replacement blades that folks here might recommend? Same question for resharpening of blades.

Thanks in advance!


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Los Angeles Grinding can fix you up Bud

I agree LA Grinding is the way to go. I use there carbide blades on my challenge and have for many years. You will need to know how to take the blades on and off. If you have never done it don’t guess. Once the existing blade is off you can measure it for height and compare it the yours. Each time a blade gets sharpened it get a little shorter. A short blade does cut as well as a new one. The blade that is on it may only need to be sharpened.

Thanks very much - I’ll check out LA Grinding.

In regards to removing the existing knife, I was able to download a pdf of the manual from Challenge which was very helpful. The blade on the existing knife is rusty, but only where exposed. The body of the knife itself looks great and was well lubricated. I’m pretty sure it has a lot of life left in it, just needs to be ground.

My plan is to get a new one to get the machine up and running, and then use that scabbard to send the old one off for grinding. Then I should always have at least one knife ready to use.

Thanks again for the good advice!


Typo - A short blade does NOT cut as well as a new one.

Ditto on what Western said- the carbide high speed steel blade is the one to use; the cheaper standard blade wears much faster. Pay more-get more.