The Reissue of Alfa-Beta by Aldo Novarese

Dear Briar Press members,
it’s Nello here, from Archivio Tipografico (Torino, Italy).

We’d like to present to you the latest project we’re currently curating: the reissue of Alfa-Beta.
It is a book by the Italian typographer Aldo Novarese, originally from 1964 and out of print for a long time.
We are collaborating with Novarese’s family after having found all the original films and we’re now in the process of fully translating it into English, thanks to the expert help of Alta L. Price, opening up for the first time a Novarese book to an international audience.

The project has been launched last Monday as a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on the exact date of Novarese’s centennial (June 29, 2020) and with our surprise reached the goal in less than a week!

Our aim is now to bring it to everyone who is fascinated by typography and type design and who is willing to get absorbed by both the philosophical treatise about the evolution of letterforms and the great illustrative content.

Here the link of the campaign to read further information about the project:

Very excited to know your opinion about it!

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Here a couple of spreads from the book, if of your interest. But please consider the Kickstarter page has a lot more descriptive and visual content!

image: alfabeta4.jpg


image: alfabeta3.jpg


image: alfabeta1.jpg


image: alfabeta2.jpg


image: alfabeta.jpg