Trying to Identify

I’ve seen these metal aisle-like things around for holding up type drawers at an angle. I was wondering if they had a specific name and/or if anyone knew where I could find one?

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Not sure what you mean by “aisle-like” but there are slope-tops (or work-tops) which cover the entire top of the cabinet, and case brackets (which take up little space when there isn’t a case on them). Some case brackets will hold upper and lower cases.

How about galley racks

Units for holding ‘Type drawers’ ( aka type cases ) at an angle would certainly be called randoms in UK comp rooms. When you changed jobs the first couple of days was spent learning what type was in which random where in the room. By tradition the top case was an open tray for your personal kit, spare tweezers, union magazines, snuff, and so forth.
Galley racks more often had flat tops .

Total brain fart, said “aisle” instead of “easel” but thank you case brackets is exactly what I was thinking of!