Line-O-Scribe 1422 Impression Roller Specs, or used Roller for sale

Hey y’all, Just wondering if anyone here has the specs for a 1422 Impression Roller. I mailed mine off to Ramco to get it re-covered, and USPS lost it. The press is useless without it.

Hoping to find the specs, or a used roller, or someone with specs and a machinist they trust to fabricate a new one. See pics below.

Many Thanks in Advance!
E. “Oscar” Maynard
Tender-Heart Press

image: pressure roller

pressure roller

image: pressure dial

pressure dial

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Oh, no- Don’t give up hope though, I once had a package lost for a couple of months, and it finally showed up.

Thanks Scott! Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I am working on getting a machinist to make a new roller from the specs that Edd Hickingbottom of
Sharecropper Press took from his roller. I’m sharing the specs here.